Mahogany Shaving Gift Set by D R Harris


D R Harris was established in 1790 and holds a royal warrant as a pharmacist.

This shaving gift set is the perfect present for any image-conscious chap.

The soft badger hair of the shaving brush produces the most thick and creamy lather from the elegantly fragranced soap. Finished with an imitation ivory handle, this will become an essential part of your morning shaving ritual.

The hand turned mahogany effect bowl is refillable and is a handsome addition to any bathroom.

The soap itself is crafted in Britain to ensure the smoothest, highest quality product which produces professional quality lather for your shave. The Arlington scent is clean and fresh with notes of citrus and fern, whilst the Almond soap is calming and neutral and very moisturising, so excellent for sensitive skin.

This is just what you need for the ultimate shave. 

To finish off your shave, why not partner with the classic Arlington Aftershave?