Red Wine Breather & White Wine Cooler Bundle by Menu


These Norm Architects designed decanters by Menu have been consistent best sellers for us, and it's not hard to see why.

As well as their striking Scandinavian curves, they serve an excellent function - serving your wine to you at its best.

Both decanters come with a highly effective, award winning aerator, which oxygenises your wine within five minutes (even white wine needs to breathe - who knew?).

The white wine version also comes with a clever cooling stick that sits in your freezer then - one plunge and a few minutes later - voila, your wine is at the optimum drinking temperature. Clever, eh?

Dimensions (red wine): W20.5cm x H21cm.

Dimensions (white wine): W8cm x H29cm.

Capacity: 966ml (red wine), 800ml (white wine).

Both glass jugs are dishwasher safe (but not the magic insides).